Frequently asked questions


Customer Questions

What is Hefty Haulers?

Hefty Haulers is an online marketplace that connects customers who need items moved from point A to point B, need items disposed of, or needs an extra set of hands with background checked Drivers and Helpers who drive Pick-up trucks, Cargo vans, Large SUV’s, and Box trucks who can perform such labor.

How much does Hefty Haulers cost?

Hefty Haulers prices are determined by the time, distance, details about item and the item count. Once you enter all the info, the app will give you an estimate before you request a Hefty Hauler. Most single item moves average between $30-$50.

How do I know who my Hefty Hauler is?

When your driver accepts the job and is on the way, His/Her picture, license plate number and telephone number will be available just in case you need to reach them or just to say Hello.

Is There a cancellation fee?

If the move is cancelled within three minutes of the request, there is no charge. Beyond that, there will be a 25% cancellation fee, so the driver can be compensated for his/her time.

How do I pay? and Can I tip my Hefty Hauler?

You can pay by major credit card, which is required to request a Hefty Hauler. You may see a pending charge on your statement, but you will not be charged until the job is complete. Tipping is optional, but if your Hefty Hauler has exceeded your expectations and you want to tip, you may do so in cash.

Is my Hefty Hauler insured?

Yes, your items are covered. Each driver is covered under their own personal insurance policy. If a claim needs to be made, it would be made with the driver’s insurance company. Once the driver’s insurance policy is exhausted, Hefty Haulers has an extensive insurance policy that covers your items if they get broken or damaged.

What information do I need to provide to request a driver?

All you’ll need is to enter your information such as pick-up and drop-off locations, take a picture of the item you need hauled, include any special details the drivers should know, and you’ll receive an estimate.

What happens if my item does not fit through the doorway of my home?

If your item does not fit through the doorway or your home, we’ll return the item to the pick-up location or leave the item outside. If you want the item returned to the pick-up location, we will take it to the location for the same original price.

Does Hefty Haulers disassemble items?

Hefty Haulers does not disassemble or assemble items. If you have items that need to be moved the Hefty Hauler will expect the items to be appropriately packed beforehand.

What Area does Hefty Haulers service?

We serve the Washington DC Metropolitan area, which includes some of Maryland and Virginia. The App service area cover a 22.5-mile radius from the center of Washington DC.

What about safety?

All Hefty Haulers undergo extensive criminal and motor vehicle background checks before they can join Hefty Haulers.

What if I have an issue with a transaction or payment?

If you have any issues, questions or concerns you can contact us at

Can I ride with my Hefty Hauler?

Hefty Haulers was designed with the idea of moving your items, so currently we do not authorize ridesharing in our system. Any customer that rides with a driver is doing so at his/her own risk.

Can I help my Hefty Hauler out?

Absolutely, most small items your Hefty Hauler can handle on his/her own with the help of a dolly, but anything requiring two people to lift you can help. If you can’t, don’t worry just order a helper via the app for some extra muscle.

Driver and Helper Questions

How do I become a Hefty Hauler?

Click the link to become a driver or helper. Fill out the info required, and we’ll contact you soon. There are a couple of requirements that must be met like having a clean driving record and a pick-up truck, van or SUV no older than 2001. Hefty Haulers’ are Background checked and regularly reviewed for customer safety.

What do I do once I have been accepted as a Hefty Hauler?

We’ll send you an email instructing you what to do next. Once you have established an account, you’ll be all set and ready to receive request.

How will I be notified of a job?

Once you have logged on and have put yourself online just relax and wait until you receive a request, you’ll have 30 seconds to respond.

Can Drivers have partner ride with them?

Yes. Drivers can have a helper ride with them if the helpers are signed up through the app as a helper.

How much and when do I get paid?

As a driver you can earn $25 or more per job and once your job is complete the money goes directly into your account! As a helper you can earn a minimum of $10 or more per job and just like the driver when you finish every job the money is available immediately to you.

What is expected of me as a Hefty Hauler or a helper?

There will be different scenarios. Some jobs may just require the use of your truck (ex. Curbside service) where you are not required to help the customer. Other jobs may require you to lift or move items into someone’s home or place of business.

How often do I have to work?

You are your own boss, so you’ll work when you want to. There is a button within the app you can hit, that gives you the option to be online or offline.

What kind of equipment do I need as a Hefty Hauler?

Each Hefty Hauler will be responsible for their own moving supplies and equipment. Gloves, moving blankets, tarps, dolly’s, rope or any related supplies.

What will my job be as a helper?

Your job as a helper will be to assist drivers or customer’s when they need a hand. We have a labor only service so sometimes there will not be a driver present, the customer may just need you to help them move things.

Can a customer ride with me in my truck?

If a Hefty Hauler chooses to transport a customer, he/she will be doing so with their own personal insurance and liability. Hefty Haulers was designed for the purpose of moving and hauling of items not people.

How does the rating system work?

Whenever a job is completed a customer the can rate the driver. Drivers and helpers with too low a rating will be subject to dismissal from the Hefty Haulers app. Drivers can also rate the customer.